Winchester 32 Special Model 94

Gody's comments:

A kick ass rifle. Had quite a kick. Shooting it was an extreme pleasure. The damage done by this rifle is awesome. Look at the stone bricks, and what was left of them after to shots. Good old fashioned action. Nothing can beat that.

Shawn's comments:

 A real treat, the Winchester 32 Special Model 94. This lever action rifle was developed for buffalo hunting and has changed little since 1894 hence the name Model 94.

Allen's comments:

The Winchester 32 Special is a mans gun. Good for stopping cars. put 10 guys in a line and it would pass through them all I recon.

The back of a bullet I fired

2 concrete blocks

This are 2 pictures of 2 concrete blocks before and after they got hit with 2 bullets. As you can see, not much left..

Pictures of me and some rifle action